Elevate the Human Experience with

Phoenix's Evolve Technologies

Elevate the Human Experience with Phoenix’s Evolve Technologies: An SAP SuccessFactors Value Solution-In-A-Box
Please join us on Friday,  June 26th, 2020, at 10:00 AM PST
for a 45-minute Executive Webinar entitled
Elevate the Human Experience with Phoenix’s Evolve Technologies

Why attened?
Modern problems require innovative solutions. In today’s extreme business climate, we need a Human Capital Management solution that can help curb volatility and address the issues on business continuity. It is our version of SAP SuccessFactors' Value Solution in a box. It is in this light that we develop  Phoenix's Evolve Technology.  It is a set of best practice solutions banded in a package to help with increasing time to value of an HCM implementation. It is designed to deploy easily and, given the current pandemic, help with the financial investment.
Who should attend?
As a way of expressing our gratitude for joining us, we will giveaway FOUR (4)  - $25.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD To be eligible, you need to attend the full 30-minutes of the webinar and should use your valid corporate email during registration. All confirmed attendee emails will be assigned a number that will be drawn using the random number generator from www.Random.Org. Winners will be announced the following week. Contact Us for more information  
JL DIAZ, at Phoenix