Travel and Expense Management for Public Sector

Travel and Expense Management for Public Sector: Tips On How to Take the Pain Out
As Public Sector entities mature in defining their Travel and Expense (T&E) policies, it will become more challenging to manage the process. Processing digital and paper receipts, ensuring that receipts match the expense, applying audit, and then reimbursing the employees for any out of pocket expenses will be difficult to control without the right tool. There should be something that is easier to manage everything. Phoenix may have the right answer for you.

This webinar will share some best practices on how you can improve Travel and Expense Management in a Public Sector organization. Are you interested in making your travel and expense management easier? Not that this is only for a public sector organization. It could be for any industry at a high level approach. At the high-level they are:

1. Build a clear travel and expense policy
2. Automate your T&E process
3. Give employees mobile tools
4. Reimburse staff electronically
5. Streamline time-consuming functions.

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JL DIAZ, at Phoenix