Hanif Sarangi, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Teledoc

As the CEO, Hanif is responsible for the overall operations and resources of Phoenix Teledoc. Hanif is a University of Toronto graduate, awarded a Canadian CPA, and has over 30 years of business experience. Hanif has founded multiple companies including Phoenix Business Consulting, Phoenix Franchising, and several others. During his career, Hanif has managed large-scale projects for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Due to his expertise in software implementations, Hanif has served as a trusted advisor and an Expert Witness in over a dozen software litigations.

Minaz Sarangi, Chief Operating Officer of Phoenix Teladoc

is responsible for the global sales and operations of Phoenix Teledoc. Minaz is regarded as a Global Thought Leader, Technology Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, and Investor. He has over 30 years of experience as an Executive, CIO, CTO & Chief Architect delivering technology projects globally with impressive results in Banking, Insurance, Fintech, and Healthcare start-ups. He advises several boards and global organizations with a focus on Healthcare, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, and AI technologies, using innovative design concepts and strategies.