SAP Services

Phoenix Consulting Advantage

Regardless of which vertical your organization lies, our approachto ERP Business Consulting involves deploying highly specialized teams of experts with the skills to successfully achieve your unique business objectives.

End-to-End Integration Focus

Unlike other firms, which implement projects with a simple functional approach, we offer a truly holistic perspective.  We look at the “big picture” and focus on improving the organization as a whole.

Operational and Managerial Enablement

We focus on logical end-to-end operational processes, including simplified role-based access and use.

Performance Management Integration

We design SAP systems to enable the foundation for detailed costing and performance-based measurement, minimizing the effort required to layer in and use this information over time.

Latest Solutions

This allows our clients to take advantage of new features and integration, as well as to minimize overall cost for SAP system maintenance and support.