SAP System Reviews and Audit Services

Phoenix Business Consulting is passionate about advancing SAP System Reviews and Audit Services. We understand the critical role SAP systems play in your business operations. Our expert team evaluates, analyzes, and enhances your SAP infrastructure to ensure efficiency, compliance, and security.

Phoenix has a true passion for SAP Best and Leading Practices.  We know how to properly implement an SAP system and are extremely satisfied with the benefits this provides to our clients. Unfortunately, not all implementers follow a Best Practices approach to their SAP implementation projects.  If your SAP implementation did not go as planned, our system review services will help determine the causes, identify performance gaps, and provide recommendations as to how to bridge these gaps.  We have performed dozens of SAP system reviews and are widely considered the leading SAP system specialist in the industry.  In fact, our seasoned specialists are frequently utilized as expert witnesses within the US Court System.

SAP system reviews and SAP S/4HANA Assessments

Our system audits include a comprehensive analysis of the following:

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These factors are used to generate tangible metrics where we perform the following:

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Once we have completed our analysis, we compile a comprehensive report summarizing our findings. We can also assist our clients in determining the next steps. If you believe that your SAP system should be reviewed, Contact Us for your system assessment