SAP SuccessFactors - Human Capital Management (HCM) Solutions

SAP SuccessFactors is a fully integrated solution suite of human resource management applications empowering organizations to streamline human resource functions and automate critical HR processes. SAP SuccessFactors offers many solutions within their suite of Human Experience Management software to meet your organization’s needs.

Phoenix Business Consulting specializes in SAP SuccessFactors implementation projects for public sector and commercial organizations. Our team of SAP SuccessFactors implementation Subject Matter Experts (SME) have performed multiple full lifecycle HCM implementations.

Today, SAP SuccessFactors has over 110 million cloud users and 6,500 cloud HCM customers. The HXM (HCM / HRIS) solution is used extensively in a variety of industries such as the Public Sector, Life SciencesEnergy and Natural Resources, Service Industries and Consumer Industries.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions include:

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SAP SuccessFactors Solution Suite

SAP Employee Central delivers core HR functionality for dynamic and global workforces by ensuring compliance and automation of: employee profiles and HR transactions, organizational management capacity, position management, contract workforce management, time tracking and attendance, visa and permits management, and global benefits. Read more here.

SAP Employee Central Payroll has been designed to work exclusively with Employee Central and provides you with an in-house payroll system at reduced cost. Read more here.

SAP Learning Management provides organizations with the tools necessary to develop employee’s skills, manage certifications, and ensure compliance. Key features include automated assignment profiles and blended learning capabilities. Read more here.

SAP Onboarding Management  provides a personalized, organized, and streamlined onboarding experience for new hires. This cloud-based solution ensures compliance and engages employees prior to day one, resulting in a smooth onboarding experience and increased long-term retention. Read more here.

SAP Compensation Management and Variable Pay Includes compensation planning, compensation budgeting and modeling, and the ability to connect performance management to compensation. It also includes features to help provide important recognition and meaningful incentives to employees based on performance metrics. Read more here.

SAP Succession and Development includes real-time data analytics for powerful talent insights, learning paths for career advancement, and strategic succession management. This provides you with powerful succession and development features, enabling your organizations to strategically groom and nurture the next generation of leadership using relevant data insights. Read more here.

SAP Recruiting Management  allows you to attract and hire the best talent through a holistic recruiting solution supporting global recruiting, marketing, sourcing, applicant tracking, and candidate relationship management. Read more here.

SAP Performance and Goals facilitates improved workforce performance, ongoing mentoring and communication, accurate resource evaluations, and aligns performance enhancement strategies. This includes performance and goal management includes performance management, performance assessments, goal management, goal tracking, and effective mentoring and communication tools. Read more here.

SAP Workforce Planning and Human Resource (HR) Analytics provides you with the ability to accurately report and forecast operational headcount, establish labor cost models, execute financial modeling, and perform long term workforce planning. Leveraging this embedded intelligence, you can make better decisions by gaining powerful insights into HR phases and processes. Read more here.


Top Reasons Customers Choose SAP SuccessFactors

Our clients have shared many reasons why they choose SAP SuccessFactors over the competition, as shown below.
  • Consumer Experience – SAP SuccessFactors offers a simple, engaging and intuitive user experience across its integrated suite of products allowing customers the ability to easily execute critical processes using the latest advances in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. These built-in advancements let you fully manage your workforce from time of hire through retirement based on human resource Best Practices and in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Built-in Execution – SAP SuccessFactors contains approximately 19,500 unique content elements that include industry-specific workflows, job descriptions, skills, goals, catalogs, recruiting accelerators, compensation metrics, and reports to facilitate routine and frequent HR processes and functions.
  • Intelligent Services – SAP SuccessFactors allows you to improve the integrity of data critical to enhancing HR processes by dynamically activating and automating transactional events designed to predict actions resulting from a functional change such as job information changes, absences and other employee management actions.
  • Scalable Technology – SAP SuccessFactors utilizes cloud architecture to provide you with additional flexibility and future scalability, limiting reliance and strain on IT infrastructure. SAP SuccessFactors also provides you with a global security plan featuring the best security in the industry.
  • Deployment Options – SAP SuccessFactors gives customers the ability to start anywhere and go everywhere. With SAP SuccessFactors, clients can take on the business challenges of today with the latest in human resource technology, as well as tackle the challenges of tomorrow by adding additional modules as business needs change.
  • Breadth and Depth of Solutions – SAP SuccessFactors provide you with a wide range of comprehensive human resource solutions to support your dynamic workforce by combining Best Practices and built-in content.
  • Ease of Maintenance – SAP SuccessFactors delivers enhancements on a scheduled, quarterly release cycle. You will be able to leverage the SAP SuccessFactors Community Portal to understand upcoming releases and make recommendations directly to SAP through an enhancement request. The SuccessFactors Community Portal also provides training materials, implementation resources, documentation, and different types of scheduled events. It is also the gateway to general and product specific user groups. Members can stay informed about product updates, new product features, human resource trends and predictions as well as thought leadership and Best Practices.
  • Compliance, Locally and Globally – SAP SuccessFactors is built to ensure compliance with regulations for over 90 countries, including more than 40 countries for payroll. SAP SuccessFactors has also been translated into over 40 languages with more than 1,000 items updated each year for continued compliance.
  • Empowerment and Support – SAP SuccessFactors partners with you through the entire life cycle of the engagement. This includes business case development, selection, implementation and ongoing support. By providing the right solution and scope, we can help ensure that your business objectives are met and goals are achieved.
  • Recognized Market Leadership – SAP SuccessFactors has been ranked by top industry analysts as a market leader for core HR, talent management, and learning software solutions. SAP SuccessFactors has been ranked as a market leader in the last 18 consecutive industry reports. SAP SuccessFactors achievements including Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) Suites for Midmarket and Large Enterprises, The Forrester Wave: Learning and Performance Management, and IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Integrated Talent Management.

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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

If you are planning a SAP SuccessFactors implementation project and would like to learn more about our services and how we help many organizations with their human resource technology needs, please contact us to schedule a meeting time.