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In today’s procurement and supply chain environment, the sheer volume of product transactions, wide logistical networks, changing contract structures, and industry regulations make procurement and financial supply chain management one of the most complex segments for cost management. Forward-thinking businesses have been increasingly realizing the wide scope for cost containment in logistics and the far-reaching benefits of effective supplier relationship management in overcoming business challenges like the following:

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SAP Ariba  includes digital procurement, supply chain, and business networking solutions for the modern enterprise.

SAP Ariba provides comprehensive solutions to automate and simplify contract management, supplier relationship management, procurement, fulfilment and financial, and supply chain management. As the industry leader in spend management, SAP Ariba provides a smartsimplified, and complete approach to the source-to-settle cycle. With an integrated platform and software, SAP Ariba is the global leading presence in procurement, invoicing, supplier management and supplier/buyer networking domains.

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