SAP Ariba Sourcing

SAP Ariba Sourcing solution integrates patented “request for” (RFX) technology, process workflows, commodity intelligence, and supplier discovery, resulting in a flexible, comprehensive sourcing solution that enables fast, sustainable, bottom-line results. When the SAP Ariba Sourcing module is deployed as part of our integrated strategic sourcing suite, which encompasses spend visibility, strategic sourcing, contract management, and supply base management, you can realize even greater value.

SAP Ariba Sourcing makes use of spend data captured by any spend analysis tool, so you can work with business units to identify opportunities to rationalize the supply base, negotiate lower pricing, or implement new requirements. Identified opportunities can then be prioritized and created within the software as new sourcing events or projects, complete with key stakeholders, project tasks, and milestones. The output of each event or project is a short-term, midterm, or long-term agreement that can span one or more deliverables and can be sourced from one or more quality suppliers.

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Benefits of SAP Ariba Sourcing

  • Bottom-line results – Realize immediate savings
  • Faster supplier discovery – Discover new qualified suppliers, using SAP Ariba Discovery to improve bid competitiveness
  • Agility – Dramatically reduce sourcing cycle times and administrative costs
  • Flexibility and lower total cost of ownership – Rapidly deploy a SaaS solution for faster time to value and accelerated innovation, and use support services from SAP to eliminate IT burdens
  • Efficiency – Create sustainable organizational knowledge using analytics for in-context intelligence
  • Global reach – Trade globally with ease using support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Reduced supply risk – Use continuous performance measurements and improvement processes to detect and mitigate risk
  • Adoption – Help foster internal adoption and realization of the benefits through a simplified, intuitive user interface