SAP Ariba Snap

SAP Ariba Snap provides flexibility, control, and compliance with vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and your finance organization. You can scale to dynamically manage your suppliers, processes, budgets, approvals, and payments on a global basis. SAP Ariba Snap provides you with a powerful way to manage spending by delivering preconfigured spend categories for your industry, embedded procurement policies, business rules, and approval workflows that you can administer with self-service (see the figure).

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SAP Ariba Snap program enables midsize organizations to take control of spending and enforce compliance with an automated procure-to-pay process that includes preconfigured spend categories, embedded procurement policies, business rules, and approval workflows. Backed by decades of SAP experience in procurement, SAP Ariba Snap provides support for best practices with intuitive deployment and administration plus ready adoptability. Designed specifically for midsize organizations, it is packaged and priced to fit your business and scale as you grow.

Benefits of SAP Ariba Snap

  • Increased visibility and tracking from purchase order creation through invoicing and payment processing
  • Spend compliance, process efficiencies, and more-effective cash flow and payment management
  • Enhanced alignment across the procurement process, increased transaction visibility, and reduced processing errors
  • Rapid time to value