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SAP Business Analytics

In a demand-driven and consumer-centric business landscape, having the right insights at the right time can make or break a business. This is no easy accomplishment considering that modern-day businesses still struggle with basic issues, like lack of context-based marketing insights, disparate and non-performing legacy systems, and non-integrity of data.

Over the years, several analytics tools and applications have been introduced in the market, promising businesses valuable insights to aid their key decisions. However, studies have since revealed that the arbitrary adoption of these technologies tends to produce more harm than results, creating significant challenges for company executives including:

  • Non-usable or irrelevant data and insights
  • Misinterpretation and misuse of data insights due to user incompetence
  • Organizational data security and privacy concerns
  • Erroneous predictions due to incorrect analysis and shortage of technical skills
  • Lack of a single and integrated source of truth
  • Budget overruns impeding data mining and inference

If these are some of the data analytic obstacles your organization is currently facing, SAP Business Analytics can provide the solutions for meeting these challenges.

Competitive advantage powered by invaluable business insights

A proven analytical suite coming from an established thought leader, SAP Business Analytics captures contextual data and translates it into relevant consumer insights. Combining its ease of functionality with cognitive thinking, embedded machine learning and objective reasoning capabilities, the SAP Business Analytics suite delivers fail-proof, power-packed performance every time – so you gain the right insights to make the right decisions at the right time, keeping you well ahead of the curve.

SAP offers two key analytics platforms and solutions:

SAP Analytics CloudSAP Predictive Analytics
Real-time analytics-as-a-service, with role-based business intelligence and data visualization.

Core capabilities:
• In-memory capability of SAP HANA
• Custom analytics development capabilities for complex data requirements, with centralized data governance
• Discover new insights using machine learning; build predictive models with ease
• Use natural language capabilities and visual models to simplify data interpretation and sharing

Anticipate and prepare for future behaviour using next-generation technology, predictive algorithms and machine learning.

Core capabilities:
• Easy deployment and embedding of predictive models into business practices - in just a few days!
• Automated analytics using Python API
• Flexible licensing
• Real-time predictive scoring for various target systems

Stay ahead of the curve with our patented add-on applications!

Gain the competitive edge and enhance your SAP business analytics experience by making use of Phoenix Business Consulting’s proprietary analytics toolkits and applications.

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