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Putting Business Continuity Back on Track.

When the chips are down, every business goes into spending control mode, which essentially means taking control of the spending, no matter who is spending and where it is happening. Since COVID-19 is putting all the breaks on travel, virtual business management is becoming the order of the day, calling for the digital transformation of organizations. 

Travel restrictions due to coronavirus are enforced all over the globe. Once the crisis eases, a simple, secure tool that allows users to manage travel, expenses and invoicing from their iOS or Android mobile devices will prove critical to business continuity and real-time connectivity. Employees can easily book, manage, create and submit reports and approve invoices – all from anywhere and at any time.

Born-digital enterprises, like Zoom, Uber, Netflix, and Google, ​are ahead of the game in embracing newer technologies, thereby virtually insulating their businesses from any external threats. 

The bold and robust step is to start automating the capture, processing, and payment of invoices, through which businesses can put an end to paper invoices and manual processes, speed up approvals, reduce errors, and enforce policy compliance. 

Last week, on April 1st, Phoenix Business Inc., announced a reseller agreement with SAP® Concur®, the world’s leading brand for travel, expense, and invoice management solutions. Phoenix will now offer SAP Concur solutions for the highly regulated public sector environment.

“We are excited to add SAP Concur to our product portfolio of SAP S/4HANA®, SAP Analytics, SAP® Business ByDesign®, SAP® SuccessFactors and SAP® Ariba® procurement solutions,” said Hanif Sarangi, President and CEO of Phoenix Business Consulting, adding that “as a company, I am proud to say that we have now achieved our goal of becoming a single-source provider of SAP solutions, to support our clients’ end-to-end functional transformation initiatives.” 

Business travel and expense reporting are undergoing a digital revolution. With cloud and mobile technology, booking travel has become entirely self-service. SAP Concur solutions offer a better way to simplify and integrate these processes into a company’s existing ERP system.

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