Discover Phoenix EVOLVE

Phoenix EVOLVE is a complete packaged solution for SuccessFactors cloud-based applications. Our methodology leverages over 22+ years of leading industry best practice technology and expertise designed to provide a complete platform allowing customers the ability to grow with their business. 

Phoenix EVOLVE bridges the gap between traditional employee engagement and new age technology accessible from anywhere at any time. Through recruitment, Workforce Analytics, Core HR, Performance Goals, Compensation, Succession & Development, and Onboarding, Phoenix EVOLVE is the next best solution. 

Our turn-key solution provides a fully configured solution day one of your project inclusive of key functionality available with SuccessFactors condensed into a quick time to value of 8-weeks leveraging the SAP Activate Framework.  

SAP SuccessFactors Solution Overview

SAP SuccessFactors is a specialized cloud-based Human Resource software that can be easily incorporated to develop a complete Human Experience Management software (HXM) solution. SuccessFactors solution helps revamp the entire workplace. HR departments of any business domain can manage and implement any Human Resource management they organize.

Core HR & Payroll
Workforce Analytics
Performance Goals

Phoenix EVOLVE Learning Solution Management software is a next level HXM cloud-based solution. This packaged solution is a low-risk, fully extendable, cost effective, and guaranteed delivery system to make your life easier.

  • Employee Motivation
  • Cloud-Based HXM Software
  • Smart Digital Technologies
  • Transform HR Processes
  • Key Insights

With the right mix of smart cloud-based technologies and the latest SAP solutions, we assist companies to uplift their Human Resource activities. A comprehensive human experience management software inclusive of administrative activities, acquiring new value, and improved performance of business and staff.


Want To Learn More?

Phoenix EVOLVE offers solutions to compliance and workforce management hardships commonly encountered during times of heavy growth and employee development. By leveraging the SAP Activate Framework organizations and Public Sector entities alike can leverage the benefits of Phoenix EVOLVE in as little as 8 weeks. 

By offering a fully extendable business solution with low risk and minimal implementation cost delivered at an accelerated timetable backed by our service delivery guarantee further providing an economic remedy against financial shortfalls currently experienced by many and helping them move forward with new technologies.