Integrate timesheets with external 3rd Party Systems (JIRA, ClickUp etc.)

Timesheet Integration solution provides an automated integration between SAP Business ByDesign and an external third-party timesheet/task management system such as JIRA, ClickUp, etc.

Benefits and Features

Full Visibility into the Project Plan
The solution allows you to maintain the complete project plan onto the existing project management systems and enables time recording by the external and internal users. You can view and manage the project plan in the ERP system, and expose the necessary views/tasks to the users for time recording.
Enable collaboration with the team
The team will be able to maintain all the notes, team members, minutes of meetings, times etc. onto the lightweight application, even using the mobile devices while on road or during field visits. The backend team will have complete oversight over the projects and tasks from the ERP system.
Accurate estimation for all the projects
The solution enables accurate planning and estimation for all the current projects. The time entries in the external system are seamlessly integrated with the ERP system and help utilize the power of the analytics engine in Business ByDesign to provide planned vs actual reports.

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Accurate mapping of the projects & tasks

An accurate mapping between the projects and tasks ensures that the times are appropriately recorded in the right customer projects, thus ensuring accurate customer billing. In case you have a large number of projects in both the system, you can perform this mapping via excel.

Enable employees and users only when necessary

As an organization, you always need to maximize the productivity and output while reducing the costs. When you only have so many number of users active on multiple systems, enable/disable only the required accounts to be used for the data transfer. Filter out the external users with just one click.

Schedule the transfer at convenient times

As an organization, it is imperative that the users and processes are not impacted when large amount of data is transferred between the two systems. The solution allows you to schedule the data transfer at convenient times so as to provide zero downtime and minimum impact on the users and processes.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include
  • Configure & maintain mapping between the Projects/Tasks/Remote Entities (via Excel)
  • Configure & maintain mapping between the Employees & Users (via Excel)
  • Integrate time entries by project or by user
  • Scheduled jobs for Master Data Synchronization
  • Scheduled jobs for Time Entries by specific projects

Standard Edition

  • All current and future upgrades.
  • Includes 999999 Users
  • 12 Month min. contract duration