Healpha seeks to improve the ability to manage every individual’s health and wellbeing. It enables comprehensive management of connected healthcare devices via a smartphone companion app.

Develop innovative healthcare solutions to provide people-centric holistic healthcare, accessible and affordable to all, anywhere, anytime.

Develop innovative health solutions thru digital transformation.
Provide people-centric healthcare, accessible and affordable to all where the health records and care options are in the hands of the people.
Holistic health lifecycle management encompassing Preventive, Curative & Managed healthcare, with focus on pro-active and primary care with better outcomes at lower costs.

Why Is HealSchool Necessary:

Healpha School is the most comprehensive school health program with 100+ parameters covering Head to Toe screening. It is compliant with MHFW, RBSK, CBSE, NCERT guidelines. It uses the state of the art technology like loT. PoC, Al, ML, enabling Faster, Cheaper & Better results.

Building a Healthy Workforce

Heal Corp is a revolutionary system that helps companies with 360-degree views of the employee’s health, which in return helps in creating a healthy workforce. It covers all aspects of health i.e. Medical, Physical, Mental & Nutrition.
The usage of technologies like loT, PoC, Al, ML, enables it to have Faster, Cheaper & Better results.

Healpha Improving The Health of Communities

Healpha’s aim is to build a healthy & prosperous country with it’s Community care healthcare solutions. Healpha’s Preventive health checkups for communities help early detection of ailments thus enabling prevention.
Helpaha’s Virtual clinic solutions – Heath Kiosk, – Clinic in a Box, – Pocket Clinic enable e 24×7 medical care through self-service or assisted services with a nurse/paramedic and connect to a health hub such as a hospital or doctors. The connected technology helps connect patients with doctors. The ePrescription enables pharmacy and diagnostic to be delivered. It enables local doctors to deliver medical services to the citizens.
These solutions can be deployed in Communities, Villages, Islands, Townships, etc.

A health card
Basic health checkup
Detailed diagnosis
Health report
Tele Consultation