Standardize the per diem rates with the CONUS rates

The US GSA establishes the per diem rates for the continental United States (CONUS), which includes the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. Federal agencies use the per diem rates to reimburse their employees for subsistence expenses incurred while on official travel.

Benefits and Features

Corporate Per Diem rates for travel
The solution provides the standard Per Diem rates for Hotel and Meals & Incidental Expenses for all kinds of travel. For commercial organizations, rates can be standardized for travel expense uniformity and compliance.
Stay compliant with the Federal agencies
The solutions integrates with the Federal Agency and pulls the officially published rates for all the travel. This allows the organizations to stay compliant with the Federal rules and regulations.
Auto-update the rates every year
The solution has in-built update feature. The rates are updated usually in the August month of every year. The solution automatically updates all the rates for the next year and makes sure you are compliant for all the travel irrespective of the dates.

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Integrated into the Expense Reports

The solutions is seamlessly integrated into the standard expense report process. The end-user does not have to make any changes to the way he/she manages the expense entries.

Maintain seasonal rates by City/County/Region

The solution has the ability to maintain rates by the various geographical locations in continental USA. The rates take into account the various travel seasons and adjusts accordingly. In addition, you can have split the rates as Hotel and M&IE that allows for greater flexibility.

Auto-Update the rates from GSA

The rates are auto-updated from the standard rates published by GSA every year. In addition, the solutions also maintains the rates for historical purposes that allows you to re-open the older entries in case of an audit.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include
  • Auto-Update from the
  • Seasonal Rates
  • Rates by the US Financial Year
  • Maintain rates by City/County/State

Standard Edition

  • Standard Edition, contains all features and future updates.
  • 36 Month min. contract duration