Manage the posting rights for financial transactions based on org structure

When you have a large organizational structure, you need to have effective control over employee authorizations to post to the General Ledger. This add-on solution will enable you to assign specific org units in SAP Business ByDesign to each employee to allow/disallow to post financial transactions.

Benefits and Features

Minimize unauthorized postings to G/L
Managing a large organization is no easy task. One of the biggest challenges is to ensure that only the authorized users are allowed to post business transactions to their authorized cost centers/projects. Ensure correctness and compliance to the solution via this add-on.
Keep track of the access
One of the main questions during audit is who posted that particular transaction and did he/she have access to do so at that time. This add-on solution keeps a complete track of when additional access was provided or revoked from an employee.
Review authorizations in real-time
When an employee is working on a business document, the right information needs to be made available to ensure the most efficient use of his/her time. With this solution, every user can see his/her authorization to post a business document in real-time.

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Customized authorizations for every employee

The add-on solution allows you to pick and choose org units from the master organizational structure and assign them to an employee, thus enabling/disabling access to post only to that cost center/profit center/project from business transactions.

A complete audit history of access

The add-on solution automatically maintains the complete audit log of events when you assign/unassign access to every employee. This data is available directly in the UI for that employee’s access sheet, or you can make use of the standard reporting features to access everything via a report.

Excel based upload/download

In case you have a long list of org units to assign to a user, you can make use of the excel based upload/download feature to maintain the data. This is particularly helpful when you need to duplicate the access from one employee to another.

Real-time view of the authorizations

As soon as a user is working on a business document (that posts to the G/L), an additional tab is enabled in the Supplier Invoicing and the Customer Invoicing views. This tab gives a complete overview to the logged in user whether he/she has access to the org units where this document will be posted.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include

  • All standard features listed in the solution & all future updates
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Low Monthly pricing

Standard Edition

  • Enable/Disable authorizations to a cost center for each employee
  • Complete audit log for all the changes to employee authorizations
  • Excel-based upload/download functionality
  • Enable/Disable access for all transactions to General Ledger
  • Includes 999999 Users
  • 12 Month min. contract duration