Integrate expense reports from third-party systems via direct integration

Keep track of all expenses reports created in any third party system or even if it is just in Excel. Seamless integration with third-party systems via direct APIs or a very simple template to transfer data to SAP Business ByDesign.

Benefits and Features

Uniform view of all expense reports
This add-on solution enables the customers to bring all expense data from any third-party system into the financials ERP system, thus having a common and uniform view of all the data irrespective of its origin.
Uniform Approval Process
All expense reports can go through a uniform approval process based on the organizational hierarchy. It is possible to define the hierarchies and workflows using the standard SAP Business ByDesign processes.
Uniform Payment Process
Enable all payments from SAP Business ByDesign. All employee payable entries are created in SAP Business ByDesign. This allows you to consolidate and settle all the entries from a uniform interface keep all G/L consistent at all times.

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Upload all expenses via an Excel template

You can upload all expense line items via a simple & customizable excel template. In case the third-party system does not offer any APIs to do a direct integration, 99% of all systems allow data export in an Excel based template.

Define customized mapping to G/L Accounts

This solution allows you to create a customized mapping between the G/L Accounts and expense types in the third-party system. This ensures the expenses are recorded appropriately, and the designated liability accounts are populated when the expenses are posted.

Combined view of all expense reports

The solution provides a combined view of all expense reports irrespective of the system of origin. This allows you to monitor and post expenses while providing links to the actual G/L entries.

Schedule Background processes for Posting

The solution allows for creation of background processes to check the consistency of the uploaded data and post them as employee payable entries if consistent. You can schedule these jobs as per your convenience to avoid minimal disruption.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include

  • All features and all future updates
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 10 hours of consulting for installation & setup

Standard Edition

  • Integration with third-party expense management system
  • Excel template for data upload
  • Define mappings between Account Determination groups and Expense Types
  • Scheduled Jobs for Consistency Check and Posting
  • Customizable reporting
  • Includes 999999 Users
  • 36 Month min. contract duration