Benefits and Features of Phoenix Compliance Pack

Stay compliant with the banks
Positive Pay is a fraud prevention system offered by most commercial banks to protect against altered, forged, and counterfeit checks. It checks the accuracy of a check’s account number, date, and dollar amount when the check is presented for payment. Simple, but effective way to prevent check fraud.
Easy data entry methods
Provides fast and reliant data entry methods via excel upload templates for various business documents such as Supplier Invoices, Projects (Tasks, Work & Materials)
Keep up with the latest exchange rates
Stay up-to-date with the latest exchange rates provided via any external service provider. Remove the hassle of creating a daily or weekly entry in the exchange rate table. (Additional subscription may be required with the external exchange rate provider).
Create detailed sales quotes
Create effective and detailed sales quotes by making use of the project’s functionality. Define a project with all the tasks and milestones that you need, define the service hours and materials for each task, convert into a quote in one click.

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Positive Pay File

Generate a positive pay file on the outgoing checks in SAP Business ByDesign. You can generate a file by company, bank account, check dates or by suppliers/employees. You can customize the file as per the format prescribed by your bank. Email/download the file as per the requirement.

Exchange Rate Integration

Stay up-to-date with the exchange rates from leading exchange rate providers such as OANDA, European Central Bank (ECB), and Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP). Schedule a background job to retrieve the rates and upload them in a daily/weekly/monthly basis, only for currency pairs you need.

Project to Sales Quotes

Generate sales quotes from projects. When you work with customer projects, provide the quote to them as well in form of the project as well. Define a project with all the tasks and milestones that you need, define the service hours and materials for each task, convert into a quote in one-click.

Enhance the solution with various other add-ons

Various other add-ons such as Audit Log for Suppliers, Mapping Interface from External Catalogs, Simplified Upload templates for Projects, Invoices, Price Lists, Warehouse Locations, Custom G/L Reporting & Enhanced Approval Matrix to manage extremely large and complicated approval matrices.

Posting Control for Manual Journal Entries

There is an audit requirement that the journal entries must be reviewed by at least one person before it is posted. Our solution enables multiple users to work on the journal entries and allows only the last person the ability to post it. The entire change history is available via a report.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include

  • All the features listed in the solution description and all updates
  • No limits on the number of users
  • Low monthly pricing

Standard Edition

  • Simplified Upload templates for Projects Work & Materials, Supplier Invoices, Price Lists, Warehouse Locations
  • Enhanced Approval Matrix
  • Customized G/L Reporting Structures
  • Mapping Interface for Shopping Cart from External Catalogs
  • Positive Pay File Solution
  • Exchange Rate Synchronization
  • Posting control for Manual Journal Entries & Audit Log for Supplier Bank Master Data
  • Includes 999999 Users
  • 36-month min. contract duration