Manage the procurement process effectively using budget planning and execution

The Budget Control solution allows you to create and manage budgets for all your purchasing processes in SAP Business ByDesign. This will allow an organization to plan the expenditure by year, month and quarter, and monitor the availability of the funds for a project or operations.

Benefits and Features

Plan and monitor expenditure in real-time
This solution allows an organization to create expenditure plans by company, cost center, or directly by General Ledger accounts. It can optionally include an approval process to stay compliant and help with the audit process.
Limit the expenses
This solution is tightly coupled with the procurement process. It will allow the purchasing process to continue only when there are sufficient funds available for purchase.
Control spending at each level
The solution allows and monitors pre-encumbrance funds and encumbrance funds w.r.t. each budget category for a finite time period. This allows an organization to estimate and plan the expenses on the horizon.

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Customized Budget Categories

Create your own customized budget categories by the company or cost center. Define your own customized list of G/L accounts per category. In case you have too many categories and a large number of G/L accounts for each, you can upload them via an excel template.

Monitor and review revisions to the budgets

After the budgets are defined, any additions or subtractions to the budgeted amounts need to go through a well defined revision process. It has a built in approval process, with the option to attach relevant emails and documents. This helps with the audit as you can track the changes.

Associate each purchase with a Budget

This solution allows the budget entry to be associated with each purchase document (shopping cart, purchase order or supplier invoice) at the line item level. This allows fine grained control of every purchase in the organization.

Reporting & Analytics with the G/L

After the procurement documents have been posted to the G/L, this add-on ensures each relevant line item is tagged with the budget category (or budget master entry) to allow reporting between the G/L and Budget Categories.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include

  • Complete Budget Control add-on solution
  • Define Budget Categories by Company/Cost Center/GL Accounts
  • Include control for Shopping Carts/Purchase Orders/Supplier Invoices/Journal Entries

Standard Edition

  • Standard Edition. All functionalities included
  • Budget Control for Shopping Carts, Purchase Orders & Supplier Invoices
  • Budget Control for Manual Journal Entries
  • Pre-Encumbrance & Encumbrance Amounts
  • Approval process for Budget Revisions
  • 12 Month min. contract duration