Piers Manton




Piers brings to Phoenix clients the benefits of his 10-plus years of experience in the delivery and sales of SuccessFactors. His proven track record of leading global and domestic client SuccessFactors engagements in multiple industries, including transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, entertainment, and hospitality, enable him to thrive at the helm as the Director of our SuccessFactors Practice. He maintains a laser-like focus on ensuring client satisfaction, from the sales cycle all the way through to delivery. With an innate ability to translate customer requirements into SAP SuccessFactors module functionality, he works to clearly define and align SuccessFactors capabilities in a manner that ensures Phoenix clients’ success.

Personal Information:

His ability to lead discovery workshops and partner with clients on roadmap development, as well as communicate trends within the Human Capital Experience (HCX) and Human Capital Management (HCM) industry, proves to be extremely valuable to our clients.

When he’s not working, Piers likes to spend his time fishing, dividing his time between wade fishing and fishing tournaments.  He is a dedicated duffer who enjoys both watching and playing golf, and is also an aspiring guitarist.

What impresses me the most about the Phoenix Team is the dedication we have to our clients. From the leadership to consultants, and on through the entire team, everyone is 100% client and outcome-focused. Our goal is to make every client a great reference and our passion for ensuring their success reflects this core value