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Listen With Your Head And Rule With Your Heart

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the changing nature of customers, and how in the future, customers would want brands to be more and do more.

A significant portion of tomorrow’s customers (called “the Passionates”) want brands to be more self-aware and more involved for the good of the community. They want brands to match their values and emotions, or they simply won’t buy from them or even respect them!

But our world is increasingly driven by the power of social media and virtual connections. With the amount of noise all around us, how can companies make sure they filter the right insights, continue to draw the right conclusions, and create products that are right for their users?

In short: How can they “listen with their heads” – use the power of data-driven logic to make critical decisions,

While learning to “rule with the heart” – make sure their strategic outlook reflects the sentiments of their core users?

A simple two-word answer would be: digital transformation.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

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Using technology to lead the way

We all know how companies that are serious about long-term sustainability need to take the help of technology to digitally transform their processes.

This is harder than it sounds. While companies know the opportunities of digital transformation, the hardest part is often knowing how to go about it. For example, what should be your starting point and where’s the finishing line?

RISE with SAP is a ground-breaking offering that poses an innovative solution to this unique dilemma most companies struggle with.

RISE with SAP offers Business Transformation as a Service to companies who are anywhere along their transformative journey.

It gives customers a platform to transform their processes, while constantly staying close to their customers and their needs. It helps them become more competitive and easily adapt to the demands of a highly volatile market. It essentially simplifies the starting and finishing points, bundling everything companies need to holistically transform their business at their own speed and terms.

RISE with SAP can be your ticket to a sleeker, faster and more dynamic organization.

To know more about RISE with SAP, write to me.

By: Venkat Nanduri

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