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Is your ERP failing you?

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Your ERP application may not exactly fit the definition of “legacy”. It technically still works, and may be doing what is expected of it.

But is it built to survive today’s highly disruptive business climate?

Is it giving you the best of what cloud has to offer?

I came across a brilliant article by SAP that lets you quickly assess how (and whether) your current ERP is working out for you.

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Let’s look at some sample criteria on this checklist. Your current ERP system is weighing you down if:

  • Your system is unable to meet new business requirements.
  • It places limits on new initiatives.
  • It does not efficiently support new technologies or functionalities.
  • The vendor is slow to respond, or incorporate new features.
  • Response time is aggravatingly slow. (Read more criteria)

If you’ve responded “yes” to any of the above, you’re already in the RED zone. It’s time for an upgrade.

Now, you’re probably thinking – “but, how can I financially justify a new ERP system at this time?”

Consider this. What you spend on cloud-based ERP systems over 5-7 years is usually WAY LESS than what you’d be paying to buy and support in-house.

This includes two of SAP’s industry-leading ERPs – SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) and SAP S/4HANA.

In fact, SAP ByD boasts some of the lowest costs and fastest implementations ever!

If you’re interested to know about SAP ByD, join us for a free webinar. We’ll tell you how we have been working with India’s fast-growing small and mid-sized businesses to transform their operations and deliver  rapid ROIs.

Financial Security with SAP Business ByDesign

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By: Venkat Nanduri

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