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Phoenix Business Consulting is a full spectrum SAP consulting firm. We provide SAP functional and technical support services for colleges, universities and higher education institutions. Our SAP consulting services include SAP implementation, upgrades/migrations, training, application management support (AMS), system reviews, and staffing services 

With over twenty years of SAP experience, we are highly regarded in the Public Sector for our SAP services. We provide the expertise necessary to support academic institutions with their ERP systems and software including ECC, S/4HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, Business ByDesign, Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur and analytics. 


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Universities and higher education institutions are facing a multitude of challenges in now and over the next several decades. As the US and world economies change and evolve, universities and higher education institutions must change as well to provide the skills, training, and educational curriculum necessary for their students to succeed. To add to the complexity of these challenges, student demographics are transforming from the traditional student model to reflect the changes in our modern society. 

With a large percentage of colleges, universities and higher education institutions faced with serious financial difficulty, they are also burdened with declining student enrollment, declining high school graduates, and decreasing state funding.  

As competition increases for student enrollment, universities and higher education institutions must focus on the following key factors to give them a competitive edge to attract and maintain students. These key factors include the following: 

  • ERP Technology
  • Marketing & Student Recruiting
  • Student Housing
  • Student Security and Campus Safety
  • Faculty Retention and Staff Training
  • Funding

Some of our Clients

What are your aspirational goals and where do you want to go?

Universities and higher education institutions want to elevate their brands, increase their revenues, and improve their ability to compete for prospective students through the following: 

    • Improving the overall student experience by increasing retention, graduation, and career success. 
    • Expanding online classes and online degrees. 
    • Improving campus facilities and infrastructure. 
    • Increasing student enrollment. 
    • Increasing revenue through faculty research initiatives. 
    • Utilize advance technologies to leverage resources and automate business processes. 

What is so unique about Phoenix and SAP and what solution benefit do we provide?

SAP’s higher education and research solutions are designed specifically for universities and higher education institutions. SAP ERP software is utilized by many of the leading universities and higher education institutions throughout the United States, Canada, and around the globe. 

We recognize that universities and higher education institutions operate like small cities and require a modern, intelligent ERP system. With this in-depth knowledge of higher education and research institutions, SAP software and solutions provide coordination and integration of facilities and services, as well as superior student engagement.  SAP’s higher education and research solutions also deliver advanced analytics on a flexible in-memory computing platform, ensuring efficient operations and successful outcomes for students, faculty, and academic leaders. 

SAP software provides new ways for faculty and students to communicate, interact, and collaborate while delivering successful outcomes for universities and higher education institutions. 

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We offer complete digital transformation packages for universities and higher education institutions.