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Get ready to fail small and fail forward

The Forbes’ annual billionaires list is out, and it reports a record-setting year for the world’s wealthiest.

With 490+ newcomers, the report tells us how “cryptocurrency, SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies), traditional IPOs and Covid-related healthcare” have catapulted some of these leaders to the top of the list.

Now what’s the takeaway for us here?

That obstacles – unprecedented or not – should not stand in the way of our success.

The good news: Unlike the leadership of yesteryears, today’s leaders have diverse tools and technologies at their disposal to innovate on-the-go and respond to the demands of a turbulent market.

Then what’s holding them back from making bold decisions and just going for the prize?

Fear of failure

I recently read an article that talks about how fear of failing keeps leaders from going all-out on critical digital transformation projects, despite understanding their huge potential.

For such leaders, the art of “failing small and failing forward” – essentially taking small steps, and taking incremental learnings to the drawing board – comes highly recommended.

What leaders also need is a trusted implementation partner. For one, such a partner can align the project goals to not only the organization-wide strategy, but also the professional KPIs of all key stakeholders involved – drawing successful outcomes.

Fear of failure or not – if you have a project in mind and you’ve been holding back on it, you can always connect with me for some quick guidance.

My team and I can guide you on how to go about the same with minimum risks.


By: Venkat Nanduri

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