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Four ways how AI is shaking up the C-suite

Will Artificial Intelligence shake up the C-Suite?

AI’s move up the corporate value chain has not gone unnoticed. AI is increasingly becoming more than a support technology. It has gone far beyond its initial calling, and has evidently earned a seat at the table.

In the near future, AI may not explicitly replace the top leadership of companies, but it will radicalize the way they work. C-level leaders who don’t embrace the powers of AI are bound to find themselves in a losing match.

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I came across this interesting article on SAP Insights on how the C-suite today is getting an “AI upgrade”. Just to skip to the ending – No, AI is not taking over CXO jobs, but, they will profoundly alter how companies are led.

Here are my four top picks how:

In this context, the ability to extract and process the kind of data AI needs to arrive at the right outcome becomes critical. Cloud-based ERP systems are a step in the right direction in building Intelligent Enterprises that excel at integrating AI/ML into their core operations and decision-making.

Download PDF: Unlock the value of intelligent enterprise

If you’re interested to know how you can use AI to advance or transform your organization’s top leadership, write to me.

By: Venkat Nanduri

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