EUV Tech: Streamlining Finance and Supply Chain Management with an Integrated, Proficient Solution.

EUV Tech manufactures equipment that pushes beyond the boundaries of innovation in the fields of lithography and metrology. But the company lacked integration between — and visibility into — its financial processes, diminishing data integrity and complicating executive decision-making.

Now, the business has eliminated its manual processes and centralized its important information with a solution built to scale alongside the business. With its better data and decision-making, EUV Tech can continue blazing trails in its industry on a broader scale.

Enhancing Process Visibility with SAP® Business ByDesign

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Siloed systems, disruption in organizational continuity
  • Separate solutions for each department
  • Spreadsheets and ”hodgepodge” of different systems
  • Previous approach unable to scale with business growth
  • Poor data presentation capabilities

Why SAP and Phoenix

  • The right cost and size with ability to scale
  • More reliable reporting and greater data integrity
  • Total integration between systems in all departments
  • Full, end-to-end visibility into every process
  • Clear insight into complex operational issues

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Invoicing, receivables tasks easier to perform and understand
  • Improved overall efficiency and user experience
  • Supply chain modules more impactful for employees
  • Able to pull reporting with improved customization abilities

“SAP Business ByDesign will remove a lot of roadblocks and can scale with your company’s growth. The implementation process is a journey, but the end product is well worth it.”

Tom Arthur, Director of Operations, EUV Tech

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