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A fully end-to-end integrated solution for the mandatory e-invoicing process for organizations in India by providing seamless integration with the AP Invoicing process. Generate & Store the IRN and QR codes for all of your customers’ invoices and stay fully GST compliant with tax authorities.

Benefits and Features

Comply with e-invoicing policies

The GST Council has made the e-invoicing process mandatory for all B2B invoices for small and medium-sized companies. The solution allows you to stay compliant by automatically posting all customer invoices to the GST portal.

Save time and money by removing manual processes

The manual process for e-invoicing is laborious and requires a lot of time away from important business functions. By automating this process, you can remove all elements of human error and not worry about missing any invoices.

Keep track of all your invoices through the system

The add-on solution provides ample reporting and status tracking related to the IRN number and the related QR code provided by the GST portal. The solution automatically stores it, along with the invoice, and provides a pdf document with the QR code for the customers.

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Streamline E-Invoicing process

The add-on solution works silently and automatically in the background. There is absolutely no change to the AP customer invoicing process for the end-user. As soon as the invoice is posted, a request is sent to the GST portal and, upon successful execution, the IRN number is captured.

Automate AP Invoices for Indian and Foreign customers

The solution has built-in FX capabilities, so there’s no worrying about dealing with invoices in foreign currency. The process will automatically identify the foreign currency invoices, apply the prevalent exchange rate in the system, and build the invoice accordingly for submission to GST portal.

Enable compliance for B2B, SEZ & Export-based invoices

The solution makes use of the standard ABC classification feature associated with customer accounts to label them as SEZ or export-based customer accounts. The solution will appropriately assign the invoices in the right buckets for GST reporting.

Enable/Disable various types of State and National Cess

The solution provides ample configuration options to include or exclude various types of national and state-level cess taxes. Based on the tax configuration present in the standard system, and the taxes listed on the invoice, the solution will pick up the cess amounts besides GST.

Status Reporting & Automated Tracking

The add-on solution provides concise reporting on the status of each AP invoice. It provides detailed error logs about its transactions with the intermediary body and the GST portal. It provides options to cancel the IRN and re-post it from within the solution itself.

Plans and Pricing

All Plans include

  • Fully Automated E-Invoicing Solution
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Enabled for both Indian and non-Indian customer invoices

Standard Edition

  • Enabled for Export and SEZ based customers
  • Includes unlimited Users
  • 36 Month min. contract duration