The Urgency of Digital Campus Transformation

Legacy operations just don’t make sense anymore. Here’s why it’s time to move on.

education that digital transformation provides a steady tiller for navigating uncertain waters. While numerous digital applications gained pickup on the teaching and learning side of the education segment (Zoom, anyone?), back-office operations weren’t immune to the changes either. Those institutions that had adopted digital platforms before the pandemic were positioned perfectly to maintain continuity of operations throughout campus closures. And the others? Well, they found themselves sending personnel back into the office to take care of activities the old-fashioned way: hands-on.

Jason Grunin spent a decade at a midwestern university as the in-house expert on re-engineering business processes and workflows in finance and IT before joining SAP Concur as a senior value experience consultant. Now, he works with college and university customers to transform old practices and adopt new ones for expense, invoice and travel management

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