SAP Implementation Services and Solutions for City Governments

Phoenix Business Consulting provides complete SAP services for cities in the United States and Canada. We provide the expertise necessary to support cities of all sizes with their SAP software including ECC, S/4HANA, Business ByDesign (ByD), Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur, and Analytics.
Phoenix is highly regarded for providing successful SAP implementations, upgrades, and AMS production support services for city SAP systems of various sizes and complexity. We also provide SAP staffing services for cities to support various SAP and IT project needs.

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Challenges and Priorities

Cities face many complex challenges including building and maintaining infrastructures; managing budgets and enforcing fiscal discipline; enabling sound economic development programs, and managing public health and safety issues.
These never-ending challenges place an enormous strain on city budgets, outdated processes, and responsible employees. The new technologies available with SAP solutions allow cities to optimize operations, reduce stress on their workforce, and provide residents with the essential services required to support the quality of life that residents expect.
Replacing legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, developing effective Organizational Change Management (OCM) processes, and implementing proven knowledge transfer and retention programs are top priorities for city managers.

Some of our Clients

What are your customer’s aspirational goals? Where do you want to go?
What solutions do we have to meet your aspirations?
Phoenix continues to enhance our SAP ERP software solutions to provide the digital platform necessary to help solve city-specific business needs and allow citizens to connect with city government. We leverage our city industry expertise and digital technology to provide cities with the digital platform needed to improve city operations and help support the changing needs of cities in the digital age.
Phoenix provides a comprehensive ERP solution for cities of all sizes using both Cloud ERP (Software-as-a-Service or “SaaS”) and on-premise solutions. For larger cities, SAP S/4HANA or S/4HANA Cloud is the ERP solution of choice. SAP Business ByDesign is the SAP Cloud ERP solution designed for smaller cities.
What is so unique about Phoenix and SAP and what solution benefits do we provide?
Phoenix is a market leader in ERP software and solutions for city governments and our partnership with SAP places us at the forefront of new ERP innovations and digitalization supporting cities. ERP software is undergoing dramatic changes and SAP is on the leading edge of technology with improvements in the user experience and usability, mobility solutions, Cloud computing, Big Date, and reporting and analytics.
We’re committed to helping city governments become Intelligent Enterprises by delivering solutions that enable digital transformation. SAP ERP solutions empower cities to solve challenges faster by providing accurate data insights coupled with the most advanced ERP functionality. These SAP advancements in ERP suite technology will give cities the tools necessary to better serve their constituents, protect their communities, and fuel economic prosperity to enhance their city’s quality of life.

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