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Build A Business You Can Be Proud Of

Over the last couple of years, cloud computing really exploded.

Now, the majority of us agree that the cloud has changed the game for good, right?

But there are skeptics among us too, who are not exactly over the moon about the cloud. The reasons that top their list are usually data security concerns, and the lack of assurance on how things would pan out in the long term.

Every once in a while, I run into someone who asks: “Is Cloud ERP really the best choice for my business, or is it just a fad that’s going away soon?”

Let me assure you once and for all: cloud is now and in the future. And if you want to build a business you can be proud of, Cloud ERP is the way to go!

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Your on-premise ERP? Well, it’s dying

The reasons to opt for cloud ERP far outweigh the concerns. It is easy to deploy, the maintenance is minimal, upgrades are easy and the pricing models are fantastic!

Next-generation cloud platforms with powerful features, like advanced cloud security, edge computing, and carbon neutral models, are really sealing the deal.

Take the case of Monocept Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Monocept partnered with Phoenix Business Consulting on their cloud transformation journey. They adopted next-generation cloud ERP – SAP Business ByDesign – to accelerate their transformation roadmap. Their aim? To tap into the numerous benefits that Cloud ERP brings to the table, like: ready access to enterprise-wide data, extensive reporting, standardized business process, seamless legacy integration and more.

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Examples like Monocept are many and these numbers are rapidly increasing. Cloud ERP is really helping them ace the game, become competitive and future-ready.

Cloud ERP gives you the visibility to see what’s coming next, adapt, act or respond quickly – an important defense against the market uncertainty that we’re facing right now. If you’re not onboard Cloud ERP yet, you may be losing ground to more agile and innovative players like Monocept.

You can’t really put a price on winning!

If you’re still uncertain about cloud – or if you need more real-life examples of how cloud has transformed businesses – write to me.

By: Venkat Nanduri

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