How Cloud ERP Can Fuel Growth

Do you think the next wave of business innovation will come from making your existing business processes faster?
I seriously doubt it. While I agree that it is important to make business processes efficient to spur innovation, speed alone cannot be the basis. A company’s ability to act quicker than the competition and respond to disruptive changes, be it COVID-19 or changing economic conditions, has a lot to do with it

Making a Leap In Crisis Times

What’s driving innovation in small and mid-sized businesses today?
In my recent interaction with business owners of small and mid-sized businesses, one thing has come out quite clearly: They are resilient than ever and innovation is high on their minds.
When businesses talk about innovation, they predominantly mean upgrading their technical capability or adding technology into their existing business processes.

Five Quality Questions Every CEO Should Ask

“The quality of questions you ask determines the quality of your life.”
I read this out loud, as I casually browsed through Anthony Robbins’ all-time best seller ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, early Sunday morning. The quote hit me like a bolt.
Smelling the freshly brewed coffee in my hand, I began pondering over the phrase: quality of questions. It occurred to me that as most of our lives are driven on an auto-pilot mode, we seldom pause and reflect on the questions we ask ourselves.