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Is There a Vaccine For Disruption?

The last few months have been difficult to say the least. Across the globe, businesses suffered a severe setback – a fallout of the COVID-19 crisis and trying to adapt as fast as possible. Could adaptability be the vaccine for disruption?

But every cloud has a silver lining.

We saw some inspiring stories about how businesses have been adapting during these desperate times. From the simple example of fast-food sellers moving to vegetable sales to complex organizations utilizing the slowdown to turn more customer-centric, numerous success stories have emerged from the aftermath of COVID.

Business giants like Amazon have adapted their business tactics, going full-on with their omnichannel digital presence to ensure timely updates and employee/customer safety.

And that’s the keyword right there – adaptability.

Your business may be big or small, but it needs to adapt whenever you turn a corner, or face dire consequences.

What’s the best way to adapt?

When you have the means to deal with a crisis, adaptability becomes easier.

In a recent article in the Digitalist Magazine, author SAP leader Paulo Almeida advises investing in intelligence as one of the cornerstones to achieving adaptability in customer-centricity. Paulo says: “Businesses that invested early in digital transformation were better equipped to handle the impact of COVID-19, as their operations and communications had been centralized for better control and accessibility.”

So, what’s the vaccine?

In my personal experience, I have seen how small and medium businesses have benefitted from this “vaccine” – intelligent ERP solutions to stay afloat, adapt and focused amidst turbulence.

Of course, the success of such transformations entirely depend on the depth and direction of your strategy and road map.

It’s never too late to set your business on the mend.

If you need to jump start on strategizing for digital transformation, write to me.

I’d be happy to get you started on how to successfully adapt your business during this trying time. 

By: Venkat Nanduri

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