Leadership Team

Trust = (Credibility + Reliability) / Time

Forging the Way Forward

At Phoenix, we hold steadfastly to the foundational concept that success comes from great people doing great work on behalf of great clients. However, steering a company on a path that leads from being a good company to a great one takes leadership willing to develop a vision that extends beyond today and well into the future. Combine this with leadership focused on ensuring the company takes the right steps in the right directions at the right time goes a long way toward making sure that vision becomes a working reality.

These are the leaders working hard to ensure that Phoenix Business Consulting remains one of the premier system integrators of SAP solutions and systems.

| Director – Quality Assurance | Few technology professionals in the world possess as much in-depth knowledge of SAP Public Sector leading practices as Joe Thompson. As a one-time SAP Product Manager, he was deeply involved in designing the SAP Public Sector solutions available today. As our Director of Quality Assurance, Joe is charged with…

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