We are delighted to announce the expansion of our two companies, Phoenix Business Consulting and Phoenix TelaDoc.

See how Phoenix Business Consulting plans to help schools manage their health and well-being with Healpha. There is a wide variability across school health screening that can use some improvement because it lags behind other advancements in healthcare.

Phoenix Teladoc will provide next generation diagnosis and health screening and diagnosis using IoT devices and enable comprehensive managmeent of health screening services via a smart companion app.

As a global SAP Gold Partner consultancy, Phoenix Business Consulting solves complex business challenges with innovative digital solutions, based on SAP technology. We have added specialties that enable comprehensive management of  health screening services via smart device companion app.

Patient friendly, safe and secure, accessible, detailed reporting, and easy to understand health reports.

Phoenix TelaDoc is an end to end Healthcare Lifecycle Management platform. It encompasses healthcare management covering your life span from infancy to old age, connecting all aspects of  healthcare from head to toe.

Right Care

Proper screening procedures for accurate diagnosis.

Success Rate and Credibility 

Connected healthcare devices help accurate recording of patient’s vital data resulting in error free diagnosis.

Health Monitoring Devices

The devices feed patient records with real-time data, perform analysis and send notifications.

Next Generation Diagnosis

Advance screening and diagnostic equipment for Vision, Hearing, ENT, and Dental.

Superior Healthcare 

IoT devices, Analytics and AI help preventive care and management through early detection.

Ease of Access

Patients can access health records anywhere, anytime, safely and securely.

We provide a platform to connect patient with diagnostic devices to health-care providers, use Data & Analytics to deliver secure, connected Healthcare-as-a-Service.

Phoenix TelaDoc enables comprehensive management of  health screening services via smart device companion app. We’ll leverage our collective history and complementary solutions to enable our customers’ success and ultimately, improve the lives of constituents around the world. We’ll deliver:

Health Screening Records 

Advanced analytics, visualizations, and decision support tools to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Health Scorecard 

Phoenix Teladoc benchmarks your overall health, identifying areas and opportunities for improvement.

Alerts & Reminders

Medical alerts to ensure that patients receive the care they need when they need it.

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Ajei Shekhar Janapareddy CEO

Ajei is our visionary to create and enable efficient, reliable and affordable digital healthcare systems.

Ajei has over 25 years’ experience in IT as a Global Business leader having traversed across the globe and worked in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail and Government verticals. He has led businesses of large IT Companies like Motorola, Sony, Wipro, Patni, Acer from ideation to maturity.

With deep understanding of business process along with technology, Ajei has helped multiple businesses incubate from New Product Initiation (NPI) to streamline operations.

Ajei is a PMP with business experience in ERP, Oracle, Middleware, Cloud, BI, AI etc. He is a B Tech from Bangalore University.

Raj Shekher Janapareddy, CSO

Raj is our quintessential go-to person and master of multiple trades. His energetic persona exudes the values he embodies and proliferates amongst the Concent family. As the CSO, Raj steers our efforts with ethos and acumen while achieving business goals. Raj is a business leader with over 25 years of global experience. Roles he donned in his previous work include – Director, Business Head, Practice Head, Vice President, General Manager at companies Deloitte, PwC, Genpact, Satyam, Utopia, L&T, ABB-LINKman, Intelli etc.

A practicing humanitarian, TEDx speaker, winner of NASSCOM innovation award, New Product Initiatives, the list goes on. His inspiration drives our work culture.

The combined organization is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida (Phoenix Business Consulting) with a presence in India as well.

Why Phoenix Business Consulting’s track record compliments Phoenix TelaDoc’s initiatives:

Phoenix Business Consulting is an SAP Gold Partner consulting firm providing implementation, training, production support, an d review services for the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform for over 22 years.

Through the measured application of our expertise, industry Leading Practices, and the SAP ERP software platform, we help organizations transform their business processes and legacy infrastructure into a modern solution.