SAP Business ByDesign Webinar

Webinar Recording: Compete With Big Businesses Using SAP’s Mid-Market Cloud ERP System – SAP Business ByDesign

Please watch this brief 40-minute Executive briefing on SAP Business ByDesign, a true cloud-based ERP solution that is ideally suited for small to mid-sized organizations looking for a comprehensive ERP solution to improve functional processes and enhance competitiveness in today’s complex industrial/ commercial landscape. This SaaS solution connects every function of your company, from Finance,…

How to Bridge the Experience Gap

Think about the last time you flew. As a customer, did you enjoy the experience, or did you have the real-life equivalent of the Hollywood commuter flight from hell? Many experiences become memorable because they were pleasant and enjoyable; others become memorable because they were miserable and contentious. If your customer experience falls in either of the extreme brackets of ‘memorable’ or ‘poor,’ chances are good you’ve formed