Why should companies invest in ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ powered by SAP Business Suite in 2019?

By: Venkat Nanduri, Director

2019 promises to unveil a slew of surprise boxes – both from technology and business perspective. What we saw in 2018 was just a glimpse of AI, Blockchain, Digital Core and Machine Learning, but this year these technologies will combine together to deliver Experiential Transformation to wade through the DIGITAL STORM.

Experiential transformation is all about changing your customer state from ‘ORDINARY’ TO ‘WOW’. This requires suggestive intelligence backed up by data analytics and significant automation. What’s appalling to see is that most companies spend money on transformative technologies but don’t really optimize the value from the investments. As a result, most businesses fall short of their intended targets, both in value and timing.

“72% of CEOs believe that the next three years are more critical for their company than the last 50.” (SAP survey)

Do all companies need to transform?
Eventually, every business needs to reinvent and reform in the digital age. Some industries are under intense pressure to transform their business model now. SAP AG has categorized the industries into High Winds, Severe Storm and Hurricane to give a perspective on its effects.

surprise-box-digital-stagesApproximately 500 SAP customers were analysed to determine the focus of their digital transformation – reimagine business model, reimagine process, and reimagine work. “Companies which are in the eye of the storm/hurricane are more focused on business model innovation. Others who are on the opposite end of spectrum are more focused on process innovations and employee experience.”

surprise-box-digital-transformationThe 2019 surprise will be this: Lesser known companies that made their modest beginning in 2017-18 will take on the bigger ones in 2019 and will probably outsmart them by unlocking digital transformation effectively. Fierce competition from unexpected quarters will make or break companies. While 2018 saw the emergence of technologies, like AI, ML and Blockchain, 2019 will see companies consolidating their building processes and systems that WOW customers. It’s all about how quickly you do it than your competition that holds the key.

Most companies realize this fact and are investing in ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ powered by SAP Business Suite on HANA to stay ahead of the competition because it’s now or never!

What are your transformation imperatives? Please do share your perspective on digital transformation. Let’s make 2019 more connected than ever by sharing ideas and thoughts. We, at Phoenix, can be your trusted partners to WOW your customers.

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